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Faster. Lighter. Smarter.


Discover how our expert solutions can help you get online today.

Put the latest in wireless and fiber optic internet technology to work for you.

With expert solutions for everything from wireless site surveys to customizable broadband connections, we take pride in our ability to deliver the cutting-edge internet solutions you deserve at a competitive price you can afford.

Our services combine lightning-fast connection speeds with great rates and expert customer support to help internet users across the country stay connected. Whether you’re in a dorm room or a construction site, we’ve always got you covered.


Looking for help designing or engineering a wireless network? Our experts can handle that, and more. From wireless surveys as service to the design and deployment of wireless networks, we provide professional assistance for all your wireless needs.

Network Monitoring

The best offense is a good defense, and the best way to stay ahead of disruptions of service is by vigilant network monitoring. Using state of the art equipment, our in-house team constantly monitors our network to address issues the moment they arise.


Our expert installation team brings the internet to you, regardless of where you are. From temporary WIFI solutions for events and construction sites to long term designs for IoT connectivity within factories, we’ve got all your connection needs covered.

Broadband Internet

Looking for a great rate on lightning-fast connection speeds over 1.5Gbps? You’ve come to the right place. Our customizable broadband connections deliver top quality speeds at a more affordable price than the competition.

Other market solutions

We take pride in our ability to deliver competitively priced high-speed internet to the people who need it most.


Ten years ago, complimentary wireless internet at a hotel, restaurant, or bar was considered a nice perk. These days, it’s often expected. That’s why we help hospitality industry clients set up cost-effective wireless solutions for staff and guests alike.

Student Housing

A fast, reliable internet connection is essential for today’s students, as it plays a key role in both their coursework and social lives. To help with this, we can install cist-effective wireless setups in college dormitories and other forms of student housing.


From small walk-ups to downtown condo towers, multi-family housing units require a reliable, speedy internet connection. Instead of dealing with sporadic outages and issues, give your building’s residents seamless internet connectivity today.

Senior Living

If you think America’s seniors aren’t internet savvy, you haven’t been paying attention. These days, seniors in assisted living centers are increasingly using the web to stay in touch with family members and we provide the WIFI solutions that help enable this.